Synergetic with Ron Manley


Renowned psychologist Dr. Ron Manley will be speaking in Kelowna February 7-8. This is an incredible opportunity to learn about disordered eating and athleticism. Event details follow:

Thursday Feb. 7, 6-7:30pm|  Synergetic: Disordered Eating and Athleticism |

The Laurel Packinghouse 1304 Ellis Street

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Dr. Ron Manley is a registered psychologist since 1983. He worked in the field of eating disorders for over twenty-eight years at B.C. Children’s Hospital, which included eleven years as Clinical Director of the Provincial Specialized Eating Disorders Program for Children & Adolescents. He is a registered weight training instructor, personal trainer, and yoga fitness instructor. A recent publication of his, is the co-authored paper “Fitness Instructors’ Recognition of Eating Disorders and Attendant Ethical/Liability Issues.”

He is now in private practice where his work includes psychotherapy, consultation, and supervision for therapists, and teaching and workshops/training. He works with adolescents and adults, specializing in the area of eating disorders and disordered eating, athletes, and trauma recovery.


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Powerful athletes know there is more to performance than physical endurance, strength, will, and nutrition. Powerful athletes know that their greatest asset is engaging and understanding their center: developing their mental core.

CMHA Kelowna has made it a priority to help coaches, athletes, and parents of athletes learn how to develop their mental core: identity, resiliency, mental tenacity. We empower athletes to reach new potential by incorporating their mental core.

Through presentations, consultation, and access to resources–whether online, local aids, or national sourcing–CMHA can help you as an athlete, your team, or your athletic child.

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